Almost all of us snore from time to time.  Snoring is more serious than we realize when it becomes a loud, chronic and heavy.  Snoring usually occurs when the airway at the back of the throat constricts, causing air to be inhaled at an d pressure and speed.  This results in the soft tissue in the back of the mouth to vibrate, creating a snoring noise.  Simple snoring is disturbing to others and usually causes a dry mouth or sore throat.  However, heavy snoring can often be a symptom of sleep apnea which is frequently associated with stroke, high blood pressure and other cardiopulmonary problems.  Sleep apnea is the interruption of breathing during sleep and the cause is similar snoring.

The signs of sleep apnea include:
> choking or shopping breathing during sleep
> excessive day sleepiness
> morning headaches
> limbs jerk during sleep
> waking up tired and thirsty
> snoring

An anti-snoring appliance is a custom made small, comfortable oral mouthpiece which is worn only during sleep.  The appliance works by bringing the lower jaw forward, which automatically moves the tongue out of the airway.  This stops snoring and can be affective against mild to moderate sleep apnea.  A properly fit appliance will help the quality of your life.

By Dr Perelgut