What is plaque?
If you run your tongue over the face of your teeth and it feels like they are wearing tiny sweaters then you probably have too much plaque on them.  It consists of small bacteria which live on the hard surface of your teeth.

Why is Plaque bad?
The bacteria in plaque eat the sugars that you eat (they don’t care if the sugars are refined, simple, complex or natural).  After they are finished digesting the sugars, the waste product is acid.  This acid eats away at the enamel and dentin of your teeth (this is a cavity).
Dental plaque has also been implicated in heart disease and cancer.  Less seriously, plaque has also been implicated in halitosis (bad breath)

Prevention of dental disease.
The following steps are needed to help reduce the affects of plaque:

•    Brush often according to your prescribed dentist’s schedule
•    Floss according to the same prescribed schedule
•    Reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake
•    Visit the dentist as often s you personally need.
?    This will be determined at your dental visits and may change

Reduce plaque and live a long and happy life with a fresh, healthy, beautiful smile.

By Dr Perelgut