Oral piercings are the most common form of jewellery in the mouth.  They can cause chipping of teeth, fractures, cracks and gingival recession.  This doesn’t stop people from getting the studs placed in their soft tissue.  Piercings are clearly not recommended due to dental and oral complications.  However, if someone insists then they should avoid metal and only get plastic.

Metal (steel or titanium) have been shown to promote bacterial growth.  The teflon or PTFE studs have been shown to be inert to bacterial growth.  Also the plastic studs are less traumatic to teeth.

This means that if you insist on getting a tongue piercing or other oral piercing then you should opt for the safer, cleaner plastic version.

Other forms of oral jewellery consist of precious stones placed in teeth, gold designs on teeth and tooth tattoos among others

By: Dr Perelgut