If you are planning a wedding or have gone through the ‘process’ then you know that you need to be aware of every detail.  The goal is to have the most perfect day imaginable.  What about your smile (or his)?  You don’t want to hear..”the bride is beautiful but what about the colour of her teeth?”  Maybe your teeth are ‘crooked’ or misaligned.  Perhaps an old filling needs replacing.  The worst that can happen is a dental emergency that was preventable or hearing…”their breath is disgusting”.

These issues need not occur.  They are all easily fixed before the big day.  Here at the Yonge and Eglinton Centre Dental Clinic we understand that you your smile should not be a concern.  Even with major dental needs, you may just want to get through the day.  Minor aesthetic dental treatments can help a lot.  Fixing a small cavity before it turns into an issue is also a major obstacle to overcome.  Finally, with surprisingly little cost, a smile can be enhanced with just simple dental work.

So if your wedding is approaching and you are not happy with your smile or your betrothed’s smile then have the situation addressed early.

By Dr Perelgut