Composites are tooth coloured fillings which are very functional and aesthetic.  They are made primarily from Bis-GMA plastic and can withstand the harsh environment of a functioning mouth.

The composite filling is placed in layers after preparation of the tooth and removal of any affected tooth from decay and other issues.  The colour is artistically sculpted to mimic the tooth anatomy and coolour. The filling is then finished and polished to help resist against wear and staining.

The two main advantages that composite fillings have over traditional silver/mercury amalgam fillings are aesthetics and the fact that they are bonded to the tooth.  The disadvantages are limited to some immediate postoperative sensitivity and the possibility of bodily reaction to the makeup of the composite resin filling.

Generally, here at the Yonge Eglinton Centre dental office, modern dentistry uses these composite resin fillings to replace and repair the dentition in many situations.

By Dr Perelgut