Through the centuries people have longed for some elusive elixir that will turn back the clock for them and reverse the process of aging.  There are lots of creams, gels and surgical procedures to try and look younger.  However, we often overlook one of the simplest and most cost effective  ways to shed a few years….JUST IMPROVE YOUR SMILE!  It is amazing how vital our smiles are to the overall impression we make.  A smile that reveals discoloured, spaced, yellowed, cracked or just a generally dull look has a subtle but profound effect on our appearance.  Most adults don’t realize that as time passes our smiles are not as bright as they used to be.  Coffee, tea, smoking, red wines and antibiotics are just a few of the contributors to dull stained teeth.  Time and periodontal disease can shrink the underlying support of the gums and bone tissue that hold your teeth in place.  This can add years!

Your smile can be improved with whitening, replacing worn or silver fillings, veneers or crowns and caps, orthodontics.  These are only parts of a smile makeover.  We cant promise the Fountain of Youth but a new and improved smile can be the next best thing.  If you are looking for a Toronto dentist who can address your aesthetic or cosmetic needs then call the Yonge Eglinton Centre dental clinic and get a consult.  A smile analysis is the first step towards a bright and youthful appearance.