When you’ve experienced the loss of a tooth, depending on where the lost tooth is located, it can drastically alter the way that you feel about your smile. Feeling insecure, self-conscious, and even embarrassed by the new gap in your teeth can be frustrating things to deal with. Thanks to Yonge Eglinton Dental Care, you no longer have to live with your missing tooth. Thanks to our amazing dental bridges, we have the ability to restore your tooth to its original state or an even better one.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

Our Toronto dentist can make your smile appear better than ever with the use of our dental bridge technology. A traditional dental bridge works by creating one or more pontics, (fake teeth) and are fused with crowns to the natural teeth that sit adjacent to the gap from the missing tooth. Though traditional bridges work only when the teeth on both sides of the gap are natural teeth, when both adjacent teeth aren’t natural, there are other bridge options available for the restoration of your smile.

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