What You Should Know About Dental Fillings

What You Should Know About Dental Fillings

Have you or a loved one been experiencing a toothache or tooth sensitivity? Think that you may be suffering from tooth decay and have a cavity? At Yonge Dentistry we are proud to offer dental fillings in Toronto, ON, a preventive treatment that can restore a tooth and prevent future complications.

About Our Toronto Dental Fillings

When a tooth is affected by decay, cavities begin to form, creating a space where bacteria can enter the tooth. Dental fillings are used to restore these decayed areas, providing support for the tooth while protecting it from any future decay, infection or damage. At Yonge Dentistry we can design your dental fillings to blend with your smile, making treatment virtually unnoticeable.

The Dental Filling Process

The Local Anaesthetic

Prior to any treatment, your dentist will first use a numbing gel to prep the area for local anesthetic. Next, a needle will be used to administer the local anesthetic, preventing you from feeling pain during the procedure.

Providing Comfort

Your dentist will also place a rubber dam in your mouth, covering your teeth and protecting them during your dental filling treatment. A bite block is also used to assist with keeping your mouth open, so your jaw muscles don’t become sore.

Removing Tooth Decay

Once everything has been prepped, your dentist will thoroughly remove any decay and bacteria present in the affected tooth. During treatment, water and air will be sprayed onto the affected tooth to keep it clean and visible. A suction piece is also used to remove any water and debris during treatment.

Placing Your Dental Filling

The final step is the placement of the dental filling. Your dentist will sculpt and smoothen the area to ensure it blends and provides a proper bite, natural feeling, and more comfort.

Get Dental Fillings in Toronto, ON Today

Ready to restore your decayed tooth with a dental filling in Toronto? Schedule your appointment with Yonge Dentistry, we’re always accepting new patients and would be happy to determine if a dental filling is the right option for restoring your smile.