Should I Be Worried About My Teeth Being Sensitive to Cold?

Should I Be Worried About My Teeth Being Sensitive to Cold?

Teeth that are sensitive to heat and cold are one of the most common dental complaints heard by most dental professionals, us included. Typically, cold sensitivity is not caused by a severe dental problem, but it is still a good idea to have regular Dental visits in order to discuss Progressive symptoms with your trusted and local dentist. In today’s article, we will discuss what are common causes of cold sensitivity, and how you can treat them once and for all.

What Can Cause Cold Sensitivity

Gum recession/exposed roots of teeth- Gum recession is the most common cause of cold sensitivity. Ask your gums naturally move back, the roots of your teeth become more and more exposed. This reveals the poorest layer of your teeth called Denton that contains all of the tubules that contain fluids. When consuming cold food or drinks, the liquid in the tubules moves and signals the nerve of your tooth to feel pain.

Acid erosion- The loss of tooth enamel due to acid exposure can cause cold sensitivity.

Bruxism/grinding- Grinding your teeth can cause them to appear flatter and shorter. This then, in turn, exposes the inner layer of the tooth called dentin and can lead to tooth sensitivity as well.

Tooth whitening- Bleaching agents found in whitening products can cause increased tooth sensitivity, but typically add sensitive toothpaste can help.

Dental decay- A cavity can also cause cold sensitivity, and if you experience hot and cold sensitivity or pain when chewing this may indicate a more serious problem.

Metal fillings- Many patients that still have amalgam or silver fillings can also experience increased cold sensitivity.

Treatments for Cold Sensitivity

A few different kinds of treatments that have aided different patients in combating their cold sensitivity include:

  • Sensitive toothpaste
  • Dental varnish
  • Reduce acidic foods and drinks
  • Excellent oral hygiene
  • Gingival grafting

What If I Am Really Worried About My Tooth Sensitivity?

If your tooth sensitivity is something at the forefront of your mind, we highly encourage those that live in the Toronto, ON area and its surrounding communities to give us at Yonge Dentistry a call to set up a consultation appointment. As pointed out in the previous paragraphs, sensitive teeth can be an indicator of something more serious, which is why we implore you to visit us as soon as you think something may be wrong. Feel free to give us a phone call or send us an email as soon as possible.