Jaw Pain: 4 Treatment Options

Jaw Pain: 4 Treatment Options

Pain in the jaw can cause a lot of discomforts while talking, chewing and eating. It can at times also render a person unable to carry on with their routine life. Jaw pain can occur due to the inflammation in the temporomandibular joint or the TMJ inside your jaw causing pain.

You should see your dentist in Toronto at the earliest when experience from jaw pain. Here are some treatment options for your jaw pain.

  • Rehabilitation
  • In case your jaw pain is being triggered due to the consumption of certain food items, in such a case, physical therapy and resting the joint can help in the alleviation of your pain and discomfort. During this period, avoid eating hard or crunchy foods and avoid chewing bubble gum for allowing your temporomandibular joint to heal. Your dentist in Toronto, ON might also recommend you to massage the jaw area or apply a cold compress or a warm and moist heat in the affected region.

  • Medication
  • Your dentist in M4P 1E4 can also recommend some medication such as anti-inflammatory medication along with muscle relaxers to relieve your pain and discomfort.

  • Occlusal Guard
  • Most people who suffer from jaw pain tend to grind or clench their teeth while sleeping. This causes your teeth to appear worn down, sharp and jagged. A mouth guard prevents your upper and lower teeth from touching each other, hence preventing you from grinding or clenching your teeth in sleep.

    Your dentist in Toronto might recommend you to wear a night guard in case they suspect you are clenching or grinding.

  • Surgery
  • Your dentist in Toronto, ON might recommend surgery in extreme cases such as an adhesions, spurs or presence of a tumor. A surgery will help in removing them and relieving you from pain.

    In case you are suffering from pain in the jaw or suspect you have problems with your TMJ, schedule an appointment with Yonge Dentistry in Toronto, ON. Your dental team shall examine your mouth and recommend you the most suitable treatment for relieving your pain and discomfort.