How Frequently to Visit the Dentist

How Frequently to Visit the Dentist

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Our experienced dental team provides a wide range of restorative, preventative, and cosmetic services in order to provides patients in the Toronto area with high quality care. Yonge Dentistry encourages regular dental appointments and cleanings that help to keep you and your family’s smile healthy and beautiful. However, many people do not visit their dentist as often as they should. How often should you go to the dentist? Continue reading on to find the answer and see how our team can help improve your smile.

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Many individuals feel they only need to visit the dentist if they are experiencing tooth pain. However, tooth pain typically only occurs after an issue was already left untreated. The best way to prevent issues such as these from occurring are to set up frequent dental cleanings and exams with the help of our dentist.

What happens during a routine dental appointment?

The first thing your dental hygienist will do is thoroughly exam your mouth and check for any abnormalities. They will also check the status of any restorations you might already have. Your dentist will then clean the gums and teeth with special tools that can easily get to hard to reach areas. These appointments are most beneficial if you frequently go to the same dentist. This way they can become familiar with you and your situation and be more aware of any abnormalities or changes that could be concerning to your oral health. Your dentist will also provide you with an oral cancer screening.

There are other situations that warrant professional help from your dentist in Toronto. If you have a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth, then you need to set up another appointment with your dentist. They can provide you with a custom restoration that can transform your smile. Early detection can transform your smile and leave you feeling more confident. Contact our dental clinic for more information regarding treatment options for your smile or to set up your next appointment with a member of our staff.