Have Your Loose Tooth Examined As Soon As Possible

Have Your Loose Tooth Examined As Soon As Possible

Having a loose tooth can be terrifying. Think about the circumstance for a minute and tell me that the thought of losing a permanent tooth doesn’t frighten you. If you have a loose tooth, it is absolutely crucial that you take emergency action as soon as possible to prevent it from falling out of place. Once a permanent tooth is gone, its gone for good. Here are some preventative measures you can take to avoid this scenario as well as some “in the moment” actions to ensure that your tooth stays in your mouth.

What Causes A Loose Tooth?

Two types of trauma are needed for a tooth to become loose.

The first type of trauma is called primary occlusal trauma. What this means is that the teeth have experienced a biting force it is not typically accustomed to; many times this is a result of excessive grinding habits.

The second type of trauma is known as secondary occlusal trauma. This is a bit more serious since it involves the presence of periodontal disease. Gum disease makes the gum line recede, exposing the bone of the tooth. As a result of this, the tooth becomes unstable and eventually cannot support itself.

Things To Do If Your Tooth Becomes Loose

Custom Mouth Guard

Having a custom mouth guard made for you will significantly reduce the stress placed on the teeth. This is because of the thin plastic coating they have which cover and shelter the teeth from grinding forces. Wearing a mouth guard will at least ensure that the tooth stays in place long enough for it to be examined as well as prevent further damage.

See Your Dentist

This is no secret, but it is essential that you see your dentist so that they can make the right judgment call as to what to do about your shaky tooth. Tampering with your loose tooth on your own might make matters worse, so you need to have a proper diagnosis and plan of action whenever something like this happens. If you need an examination, book your appointment with us today!