Have a Dental Emergency? We Can Help.

Have a Dental Emergency? We Can Help.

Does the thought of having a dental emergency scare you? Do you know which situations are known as dental emergencies?

According to Dentist in Toronto, the examples of a dental emergency are:

  • Severe pain in tooth which is difficult to manage with pain killers
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Object stuck between your teeth
  • Lost crown/ fillings
  • Knocked out tooth

When you experience any of the above mentioned emergencies, you must immediately contact a dentist near you. Most of the dental clinics have emergency rooms which can treat you. If the emergency happens during the office hours, you can rush to the dental clinic and the dentist will prioritize your treatment over others. On the other hand, if you face any dental emergency after the office hours, you can rush to a clinic where your issue will be addressed in the emergency room.

However, Dentist in Toronto says that till the time you reach the dental clinic, you must follow some home remedies to manage the situation. Here’s a look at some effective remedies:

  • Broken Tooth
    Preserve the broken tooth in a bowl filled with cold milk or water as broken tooth can be saved by the dentist. To get rid of pain, you can use cold compress on the cheeks along with ibuprofen for relieving the pain.
  • Lost filling
    In case you lose a filling, put a piece of softened sugarless chewing gum on the spot. It will protect the area for some time till you see your dentist.
  • Knocked out tooth
    Knocked out tooth can be restored if it is an adult/ permanent teeth. If a knocked out tooth is put back in its place within 10 minutes, it can still attach to the roots. Put the teeth in a bowl of cold milk and immediately rush to the nearest dentist.
  • Something is stuck between the teeth
    Try removing it gently with the help of a dental floss. Avoid poking pin or sharp object between the teeth as it can cut or scratch the gums