Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth

The Yonge Eglinton Centre dental office often sees patients with chronic dry mouth.  This can be a very serious dental condition.  Its causes are numerous but can consist of disease, medication, trauma and tissue change.
There are basically 3 ways to control the detrimental effects of dry mouth.
Soothe and moisturize your tissue:

  • Sipping water helps but is not ideal
  • Use an oral lubricant from the pharmacy constantly
  • Specifically at night keep your mouth moist

Mouth Wash and Daily Cleaning

  • Keep your teeth clean and bacteria free
  • Fluoride is your friend

Stimulate Saliva

  • Chew sugar free gum
  • suck on sugar free candies
  • keep your saliva flowing, it is the best defense against acids

Lastly dry mouth can be the cause of many dental issues.  If treated and controlled the effects of dry mouth can be minimized.
By: Dr Perelgut