Common Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

Common Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

It is rightly said that what we eat affects our health. While most of us believe that our dietary habits affect our body, we seldom think that it affects our dental health as well. For maintaining healthy teeth and gums, we must have food items that promote good dental health and prevent accumulation of bacteria and plaque as they are the main cause of decay and infection.

According to the Toronto dentist, plaque is the bacteria-filled sticky film, which contributes to decay and gum disease. If you have sugary snack or beverage, the bacteria consume sugar and release acid, which further erodes the enamel and makes your teeth vulnerable to decay and cavity. Let’s explore some food items, which can prove to be detrimental to your oral health.

  • Candies

All of us have heard at some point that candy is bad for the mouth. Candies in general contain sugar and sour candies contain different types of acids, which are not good for your teeth. If you chew the candy, they stick on your teeth and remain there for a longer period of time. This can cause decay. If you crave for something sweet, it’s better to have a chocolate than a candy as you can chew the chocolate easily and it gets washed away with your saliva.

  • Alcohol

Who doesn’t know that drinking alcohol is not healthy? But we never realize how badly it affects our dental health. Alcohol can lead to dry mouth, which is a leading cause of cavities. We need saliva to wash away food particles and plaque from teeth. Saliva prevents food from sticking to your teeth and even helps in repairing the early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral infections. You must drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated and avoid limiting the alcohol consumption.

  • Bread

According to the dentist in Toronto, you must think before grabbing a bite of the bread you buy from the supermarket. When you eat the bread, the saliva breaks down the starches into sugar. The bread gets transformed into a gummy paste-like substance and gets stuck on the crevices between the teeth. This can become a leading cause of cavity. When you crave for carbs, it’s better to have a less refined variety of bread such as the whole what one. They contain less sugar and are difficult to break down.

  • Chips

Most of us love to grab a bite of those crunchy delicious potato chips. However, the chips are loaded with starch. They get converted into sugar, which sticks to our teeth and the bacteria feeds on it. If you can’t do without your packet of chips, you must rinse your mouth along with flossing once you have the chips.

  • Carbonated Drinks

Apart from alcohol, you need to limit the consumption of carbonated drinks as well. Drinking large quantity of carbonated soda can be damaging to your teeth. Carbonated sodas make the plaque produce more acid for attacking the tooth enamel. If you are one of those who sip soda all day long, you are coating your teeth in acid. Also, these carbonated drinks dry out your mouth, which again increases the risk of cavities. There are also chances of dark color sodas staining your teeth.

  • Citrus fruits

We have heard all our life that fruits are good for our health and they certainly are. Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are good in taste also offering vitamin C, which is good for our skin and vision. However, the citrus fruits are also known for enamel erosion. Acid from these fruits can attack your enamel. You must have these fruits in moderation and rinse your mouth half an hour after having them.

  • Dry Fruits

According to the dentist near you, you must limit your consumption of dry fruit as well. Most of us assume that dry fruits are healthy and we can have them as much as we want. However, they tend to get sticky and cling on the teeth leaving traces of sugar. If you happen to have dry fruits, rinse your mouth and floss your teeth. Fresh fruits are better than dry ones.