Many people with dental issues try to blame their parents for their dental problems. However, the pertinent question is, if that’s factual. Before you blame your genes, let’s find out if bad teeth are a result of your family history, says the dentist near Toronto.

Dental Problems from Your Parents

There can be some issues, which you may inherit from your parents. These are inclusive of the structure and shape of your mouth. For example, if your parents have a crooked or overcrowded smile, chances are there that you can have it as well. Having crowded teeth makes you prone to cavities as they are difficult to clean. It’s important to take additional precautions for your oral health if you have close teeth.

Your Habits are the Problem

While you can blame the genes for the shape of your mouth, how you take care of your oral health is solely your responsibility. If you don’t brush your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once, you are not taking care of your oral health the way you are supposed to. Your activities, diet, and health impact the well-being of your mouth. You must take the responsibility and plan to make changes that are a must for a healthy mouth, says the dentist in Toronto.

Fix Your Bad Oral Hygiene Habits

Most people believe that they known how to brush and floss, but the fact is that most people have been doing it the wrong way. Brushing and flossing alone is not enough, you also need the right techniques for optimum results. A dental hygienist can help in guiding you. You must brush twice a day and floss once at night.

Also, you need to have a well- balanced diet along with keeping yourself hydrated. And last but not the least you must visit the dentist near you at least, twice a year for getting the dental cleaning and examination so that any dental issue can be diagnosed earlier and the dentist can clean your mouth to help you get rid of plaque and bacteria, which are responsible for cavity and infection.