Affordable Dentistry.  Dental Implants!

Affordable Dentistry. Dental Implants!

Many people, for a variety of reasons, have ;lost some or all of their teeth.  This leaves them with options on how to replace them.
The first option is to just leave the teeth missing.  the problems associated with leaving spaces are aesthetics, function, poor nutrition, loss of jaw bone, speech problems and poor self esteem.
The next option is to put a removable appliance in.  This solves a lot of the issues presented above.  However, having a prosthesis which ‘floats’ in the mouth can be less than ideal.
A fixed restoration is the best answer.  It can be a bridge, implant crowns or denture attached to implants.  Modern methods of implant surgery and prosthetic fabrication are affordable and minimally invasive.  In many cases we can get some of your bone back.
Dr Perelgut
Yonge Eglinton Centre Dental