A Guide On Improving Your Breath

A Guide On Improving Your Breath

When it comes to bad breath, it is far too common! Bad breath can be caused by a variety of factors, however almost all of them are completely avoidable. Today, Yonge Dentistry will discuss various factors that increase the risk of bad breath along with various tips on improving your overall breath.

Quit using tobacco.

Not only can using tobacco leave your breath smelling bad directly after use, the overall effect on your teeth, gums and overall oral health can actually increase your risk for chronic bad breath.

Practice better at home dental care.

We hear about how important at home dental care is all the time, yet so many Canadians still neglect to properly care for their smiles. You should brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day and floss a minimum of once a day.

Rinse your mouth.

We recommend cleaning your smile after every meal (including snacks) but if this is not possible, rinsing with water can help. Swishing water in the mouth can help loosen debris, bacteria and plaque, washing it from the mouth.

Scrape your tongue.

Did you know that bacteria that cause bad breath can also live on your tongue? We recommend scraping your tongue at least once a day. Certain toothbrushes are made with a tongue scraper or you can invest in one specifically for that purpose.

Chew sugarless gum.

It may seem like mints after a meal would help with breath, but the sugar often found in mints can actually contribute to bad breath! We recommend chewing sugarless gum after your meals to freshen breath (or carrying travel mouthwash with you).

Drink more water.

Water is an extremely important part of not only your oral health but also your overall health. Patients with dry mouth or that experience dehydration often have increased risks of bad breath, tooth decay and even gum disease.

Get Bad Breath Treatment in Toronto

Have you tried the above tips and are still suffering from chronic bad breath? Schedule an appointment with Yonge Dentistry today! We’d be happy to examine your oral health to determine the cause of your bad breath.